Small to mid-sized companies, partnerships and organizations are at risk for data breaches and other cyber attacks every single day. Think when, not if!
The professionals at WestCongress are here to help you prepare and protect your business from a myriad of financial and reputational risks.

Program Highlights:

  • Risk-tailored approach to customer needs
  • Centralized submission, processing, placement and servicing
  • Excellent customer service
  • Partnership with excellent breach response service providers
  • Broad coverage available

Target Industries and Organizations:

  • Manufacturing
  • Construction/Real Estate
  • Business Services
  • Distributors
  • Regional Financial Institutions
  • Fintech/Insure Tech
  • Professional Firms

Policy Features:

  • Data Breach Incident Response
  • Network Security, Privacy and Data Breach Liability
  • PCI Fines and Assessments
  • Regulatory Fines and Penalties
  • Media Liability Coverage Available
  • Business Interruption/Contingent Business Interruption Coverage Available
  • Data Restoration
  • Cyber Extortion

Limits/Insured Retention/Premiums:

  • Limits up to $10 million policy aggregate
  • Primary or Excess
  • Minimum retention of $2,500
  • Minimum premium of $2,500


  • Retail and wholesale producers – by appointment

Contact Information:
151 West Congress, Ste 420
Detroit, MI 48226
O: 313.782.4156
F: 313.285.9566

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