The oil & gas industry drives our nation forward. It’s an industry where risks abound. That’s why agents and brokers turn to WestCongress to address their insurance needs.

Program Highlights:

  • Customized/risk-tailored approach
  • Centralized submission, processing, placement and servicing
  • Broad risk appetite
  • No minimum premium
  • Broad coverage available

Target Segments:
Small to middle market risks, with an emphasis on land-based contractors, in our eligible classes/operations for:

  • Site contractors
  • “Around the hole” and “over the hole” service contractors
  • Product risks

Eligible Classes/Operations:

  • Site preparation contractors
  • Equipment installation, servicing and repair contractors
  • Roustabouts
  • Welding
  • Machine shops and product distributors
  • Manufacturing and rental operations
  • Pipeline contractors
  • Refinery and petrochemical contractors
  • Contractors equipment rental without operator
  • Geophysical services


  • Commercial General Liability – $1MM Occurrence/$2MM Aggregate/$5MM Policy Aggregate
  • Commercial Excess Liability – $5MM Occurrence/$5MM Aggregate
  • ISO coverage forms
  • Manuscript endorsements specifically designed for oil & gas risks
  • Pollution coverage – Claims-made contractors pollution liability or S&A/Time Element
  • Additional insured
  • Waiver of subrogation
  • Primary and non-contributory
  • Per project aggregate

Insured Retention:

  • Deductible or SIR Available
  • Minimum: $500 Per Claim or Per Occurrence

Contact Information:
151 West Congress, Ste 420
Detroit, MI 48226
O: 313.782.4156
F: 313.285.9566

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